What is MSRP?

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MSRP stands for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. You’re going to find this posted on all available vehicles for sale at our Seminole-area dealership. This price can make you interested in the vehicle, or it can deter you. Not many people know what is MSRP or how it affects them in the car buying process.

If you wish to know more about MSRP vs. invoice or any other car finances, contact our finance department at Tate Branch Hobbs. We’ll be happy to help you!

What is the Meaning of MSRP?

The MSRP meaning may sound complicated but it’s quite simple in context. As the name suggests, it’s a “suggested” price for that particular model, meaning that the dealer can meet this price or go below it, benefiting you when buying a car. 

Being that not all car shoppers know what is MSRP, they may not know of these benefits. Such as:

  • Car prices can be negotiated or reduced to help the dealer sell
  • The MSRP is the same for every model
  • The MSRP for certain models will be the same across all dealerships

While the MSRP is set by the manufacturer, dealerships can adjust the price of cars – even higher-end trims. The MSRP will also change if you’re shopping different model types like a sedan, SUV, or trucks

MSRP vs. Invoice Price?

When comparing MSRP vs. invoice prices, it’s different. The invoice price is what individual dealerships pay the manufacturer for the vehicles. Now, if our dealership near Andrews can sell their vehicles at a higher price than the MSRP, we get to keep the surplus. 

When negotiating the price for your car, you may ask to see the invoice price. By seeing the MSRP vs. invoice prices, you’ll be able to narrow down a reasonable price for a vehicle.

Visit our Finance Department at Tate Branch Hobbs!

The MSRP meaning can confuse people who don’t know much about it, but our finance department can clarify any question such as “what is MSRP?” Feel free to contact our department or schedule a visit!

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