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    Today, lots of people consider buying used cars when they’re on the market to upgrade vehicles. There are many benefits that car shoppers get when they purchase pre-owned vehicles at Tate Branch Hobbs. Also, learn the difference between CPO vs. used vehicles, so you can choose the right vehicle!

    Whether you’re looking for a sedan, trucks, SUVs, or mini-vans, you’ll find the vehicle made for you with our pre-owned vehicle specials in Hobbs or Seminole, MN. If you have questions about the price of our used cars or what is good mileage for a used vehicle, contact our finance department. We’ll be glad to help you out!

    Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Vehicles?

    You can save a lot of money when you purchase a used vehicle. This money-saving aspect is attributed to it for the following reasons:

    • The depreciating value of the car has already occurred
    • Used cars are priced at a far lower price than new cars of the same make, model, and year
    • You have a wider range of options for affordable and efficient cars

    If you set a budget and are flexible with your car choices, you can drive home in a great car because of our pre-owned vehicle specials in Hobbs, MN.

    What Vehicles are Included in the Pre-Owned Vehicle Specials in Hobbs?


    With our Dodge pre-owned vehicle specials, you have access to many of Dodge’s vehicles priced near your budget. If you’re looking for a new SUV for the family, our Dodge pre-owned vehicle specials are an easier way to upgrade your vehicle without the stress of buying a brand-new car. Consider our Dodge pre-owned vehicle specials today!


    Our Jeep pre-owned vehicle specials can get you a perfectly functioning SUV for your outdoor adventures. The Jeep pre-owned vehicle specials allow you to make a deal on more expensive and higher-end trims without paying MSRP. Also, our Jeep pre-owned vehicle specials give you peace of mind when finalizing your deal!


    Looking for a new truck? Consider our RAM pre-owned vehicle specials to upgrade to a newer, stronger truck! Being that we sell brand new RAMs at our Andrews-area dealership, our RAM pre-owned vehicle specials can get you a truck in perfect condition! With used trucks coming and going from our lots, our RAM pre-owned truck specials can get you the truck you’ve been looking for!

    See our Pre-Owned Vehicles at Tate Branch Hobbs!

    We invite you to see our pre-owned vehicles at our dealership. When car shoppers want an excellent deal on a used car, they come to Tate Branch Hobbs. To find out more about our pre-owned vehicle specials in Hobbs, contact us or pay us a visit for more information!

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